Clinical WebWare is passionate about healthcare! We thrive on optimizing healthcare processes. Designing world class software for the Canadian healthcare industry is what we do best!

Clinical WebWare was founded in 2000 by Gary Arsenault, our vision was to design world class application here at home (Canada) for a fraction of the cost of large corporate healthcare software companies.

Clinical WebWare has a distinct advantage when developing software because our offices are located in a clinical setting at Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in Orillia, Ontario. This enables us to be in constant commune with doctors, nurses, clinicians, accountants and support staff thus facilitating the process of identifying user needs and requirements.

Some of our software products are:

  • Diabetes Education Centre Software Solution (DEC)
  • Emergency Triage System (ETS)
  • LabRat (Laboratory Results Viewer)
  • Admission/Discharge/Transfer System (ADT)
  • Emergency Information System (EIS)
  • Operating Room Management System (ORMS)
  • Clinical Information System (CIS)
  • Patient Billing System (PBS)
  • Enterprise Patient Scheduling (EPS)
  • Patient Information & Results (PIR)
  • Health Records Chart Manager (CharM)